Terms and Conditions

This document outlines the Terms and Conditions of the company Expat experts s. r. o. with its registered office at Štúrova 11 in Bratislava, ID no.: 47 051 639, ( hereinafter referred to as the Real Estate Agency or the Agency), on the basis of which the Real Estate Agency provides its services to Customers ( referred to as “Client” or “Clients”).

General provisions

The Terms and Conditions broadly regulate the conditions under which the Real Estate Agency provides its services to Clients in accordance with a trade license.
The scope of activities is mainly the provision of comprehensive services in the real estate market in the Slovak Republic.
The Real Estate Agency provides its services to its Clients; these are physical entities or legal entities who are interested in the Agency services and depending on whether the Contracting Party is a business or non-business entity the commercial and legal relations of Real Estate Agency Clients are governed by the relevant provisions of the Civil or Commercial Code.

The scope of the Agency services

  • property LEASE mediation for the Client -Lessor / Landlord
  • property RENTAL mediation for the Client – Lessee
  • property SALE mediation for the Client – Seller
  • property PURCHASE mediation for the Client – Buyer
  • RELOCATION & VISA services for Clients – Foreigners

Realization of Contracts

The Real Estate Agency realizes Contracts with Clients on behalf of the sales representatives – brokers.
Such Contracts include, but are not limited to:

  • Reservation Agreement with a Client interested in renting property
  • Property Rental Mediation Contract with a Client – Lessor
  • Property Lease Mediation Contract with a Client interested in leasing
  • Property Sale Mediation Contract with a Client – Seller
  • Property Purchase Mediation Contract with a Client – Buyer
  • Property Sale Tripartite Contract (Seller, Buyer, Agency)

Service commissions

The Agency charges the Client a brokerage fee – commission. The current services and commissions price list is available at www.expat.sk / Our services & commissions here or in the Agency’s offices

The Agency is entitled to charge the Client the full amount of the commission in the given case if the essence of Mediation has been fulfilled. This means that the Client has used the opportunity provided by the Agency to realize a Purchase or Lease Contract, regardless of whether the Client used the range of services offered by the Agency in full, partially or not at all.

Fulfilment of obligations and limitation of liability

The Agency provides its services to the Client and proceeds in all its activities with professional competence and care in accordance with good manners, honesty, transparency and in accordance with the laws of the Slovak Republic.

When realizing business cases, the Agency proposes procedures and contractual proposals to Clients only with Entities for whom it can be assumed in good faith that they will also fulfil their promises and contractual obligations.
The Agency, however, is not responsible for the fulfilment of contractual or financial obligations between third parties, even if the Agency, within the scope of their activities, proposed such a Contract to the Client. The full responsibility for the obligations and their fulfilment is borne in full by the Contractual Participants only.
The Agency is also not liable for any damage to Property that may arise from the contract between third contractual parties, of which the Agency is not a direct participant.

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