Frequently asked questions from our clients

    • Expat expert Agent will help propose the best rental model and take care of the professional and attractive advertising of your property. Agent handles all requests and runs walks through. A prospective client is negotiated then the Reservation is issued eventually. A Rental Agreement is consulted and amendments are considered. After formal confirmation and signature validations, all deposits, fees, and initial rent will be collected. Agent will lead the move-in inspection and hands keys to Tenants.

    • Expat expert Agents are here to help. You can meet Agent in person, or if you live far away, Agent is ready to help on the phone, via e-mail, or in a chat app. To make the enrolling process smooth and easy, please try to prepare your list of conditions and expectations. Following topics are the most common topics to consider:

      • What is the maximum occupancy? Is the property kids friendly? Do you allow pets?
      • What are your expected minimum and maximum rental period? When will the property be available?
      • What is your expected rent?
      • What are your requirements for a Security deposit?
      • What are the additional services and utility fees and costs?
      • What options are available for the Internet and TV?
      • How flexible can you be to respond to furniture or appliances alternatives?
    • For long-term rentals, a one-time fee and commission will be applied. It equals to value of one month of rent (calculated without utility and service charges).

    • Services provided to Tenants and Landlords are subject to individual Agent Fees and Commissions on every side. This approach is considered as a mutually fair and balanced for Tenants and Landlords.

    • The Landlord is in charge of making "the first call." Many factors affect accurate rental prices, including the market situation and the Landlord's investment value. Based on experience and common practice, Expat expert Agent can suggest the most realistic boundaries of desired revenues. The rental price is based on the agreement between the Landlord and the Tenant.

    • By default, Expat expert Agent will provide a draft of the Rental Agreement (lease contract). Our templates are lawyers prepared and are available in Slovak and/or the English language. All our templates are following up to date local code, law, and standards. If you have your lawyer, please do not hesitate to double-check with him/her before you sign.

    • No. Agent Fees and Commissions are imposed only on successfully established rentals. This is our Expat expert worry-free policy.

    • Expat expert is the member of number one network to advertise reality online. Our listings are shared with premium real estate websites such as "", "", "", and dozens of subsequent and affiliated engines, providing service to readers both in Slovak and English languages. Our website, "" brings promising results as well.

    • Good question. We understand privacy concerns or delicate situations that may exist. Unfortunately, our policy requires us to stay transparent. Our experience shows that a transparent process helps to avoid difficulties or hassle.

    • The correct answer is "marketing and competition." Potential renters are usually sorting their search results in ascending order. The advertised rental price without utility cost is more realistic because of the predictable fixed value. Usage of utilities is in control of Tenant and is variable - for some, it can be a saver.

    • We assure you to provide the best industry standards to advertise professionally. Despite the best practice applied to accommodate the offer, some Landlords may experience temporary difficulties. There may be many factors - simple or more complex. Please contact Expat expert Agent to consult and analyze the situation.

    • You do not need to worry about stunning pictures! Expat expert professional photographers will work hard to make your property impressive and attractive in 2D photos or a sophisticated 3D virtual tour.
      Years trained real estate photographers are turnkey for success. We work solely with our internal specialists, who are well accommodated to our strict internal standards. And the best - all this artwork is at our own cost!

    • We are glad to hear you like the photos we did. Expat expert is known for its excellence and outstanding standards - this includes stunning pictures and attractive virtual tours. To avoid any copyright issues, we strictly keep original photos at our non-transferable license.
      The good news is that our internal photographers are available for hire, and they will be happy to do an excellent job. Let us know, and we will help!

    • No. You are free to advertise the same property with as many agencies as you want.

    • Yes, we will be happy to help. We do not require exclusive listing.

    • There are cons and pros. Expat expert is working with best sales channels and tools, and we advertise on premium websites and locations. Advertising with more than 2 or 3 agents is not recommended at all. Property that is competing to itself may look less attractive and possibly suspicious.

      Our goal is to deliver the best and consistent experience ever. We work hard to be your choice number 1 ever.

    • Yes, we do. Some outside agents are representing Tenants, and they look for suitable property across the whole market.

    • We do not mind. Anyhow, we suggest you try your circles first. Going public your own way can be challenging and exhausting. Estate market is complex and crowded with middlemen adventures, and it can be hard to read. Working with Agent helps you to sort out odds and keep spammy callers away.
      We discourage clients from doing so unless they have an appropriate level of market experience and law knowledge. At the end of the day, you want your rental property to end in good hands.

    • Certainly yes. There are two major types of Buyers - those who want to invest and those looking for vacant property only. In both cases, we strongly suggest to adjust your Rental Agreement conditions so walks through will be possible. If your Buyer requires to provide vacant property, you will be responsible for terminating the Rental Contract and set the property into the required sales condition. Some Buyers may accept Tenants as this may work with their business model.

    • Expat expert distributes tasks to internal Agents. Agents are dedicated per prospective Tenant. Such Agent is rolling through all our portfolio according to Tenant's expectations. The Agent who will help to list your property may not be the same who will introduce your property to prospective Tenants.

    • Positive! Best selling rentals are fully furnished properties. There is a specific exception on residencies, houses, and large apartments. Minimum standards should include a complete kitchen, bathroom, air-condition, wardrobes, and at least a basic living room standards. Other furniture and equipment are subject to agreement with Tenant.

    • Make it attractive and welcoming. Of course, it needs to be vacant. Please pay attention to make all clean and fresh looking. All furniture, equipment, and appliances need to be in working order, within the code and inspected if required by law.

    • The Landlord needs to work closely with existing Tenants. Good communication and planning can help to avoid an unnecessary gap between old and new rental. Meet your Tenant and discuss the options and availability to cooperate. Expat expert Agents will adjust the walks through calendar accordingly.

    • The minimum required period for a long-term rental is 12 months for apartments or flats, 2 or 3 years with houses and residencies. Our experience shows that majority of 12 months rentals are requested to be extended consequently.

    • The structure of the Security Deposit can differ from case to case. In general, we are talking about damage, excessive use of property or utilities, late fees, breach, or law enforcement compensation eventuality. Typical deposit levels are equivalent up to 2 months of lease totals. Higher deposits can be expected on luxury or costlier standard properties or when accepting pets.
      The Security Deposit is due prior to the date you move in. It will be in the hold (conditional possession) of the Landlord or property manager during the whole lease period. At the end of the lease, Landlords have to either return security deposits or identify reasons for keeping it. A Security Deposit is a kind of insurance for Landlords, as it protects against a violation of the Rental Agreement by the Tenant. Reasons for keeping the deposits are, for example (but not limited to): sanction for early termination, unpaid bills, damage, etc.
      The Security Deposit balance does not count towards recurring rent and fees. Any fraction of the deposit used during the contract must be topped up immediately.

    • You are welcome to contact Expat expert Agent in circumstances when Tenant turns to be a bad payer or breaches the Rental Agreement. The Agent can advise how to narrow the issue, but the Landlord self must carry all moves or legal enforcement. As a general rule, Agent is not liable in a contract (the Rental Agreement) to a third party for failing to carry out a contractual duty on either side of contracting parties.

    • Expat expert is well recognized with local and international businesses and private clientele. Our happy renters are managers, diplomats, IT specialists, automotive engineers, doctors, successful local entrepreneurs, or international students. Our reference clients are Volkswagen, Audi, Samsung, Dell, IBM, Amazon, Lidl, ČSOB, SLSP, and many others.

    • Finding a good Tenant may be a puzzling task and requires attention. Expat expert Agent will meet prospective Tenants and interview them. We run a set of routines to screen Tenant, and we browse publicly accessible sources for a brief background check. We share our findings with the Landlord, and if a negative impression exists, it is pointed out clearly. We do our best to suggest quality Tenants and help to make a judgment, but the final decision is always on the Landlord.

    • Renting property to a family is technically the same process with the same duties and conditions in the Rental Agreement. From our experience, we see satisfied landlords and no major issues nor severe damage. Many kids are raised in rented properties, and many Landlords maintain friendly relations to such families.

    • It's a good idea for every rental property owner. We strongly suggest to see your insurance agent and consult the coverage plans.

    • In most cases, yes. Our experience shows that pets related Security Deposit can help to keep Tenants aware and caring. Anyhow, we suggest requiring a professional cleaning service at the end of the rental period.

    • Yes, you can. Bear in mind, the more strict limits you apply, the longer may take to find matching tenants.

    • Search for Internet and TV providers in your area and make a list of available services. Some Tenants may like to migrate their contract from a previous place or install fresh in their name. The majority of our clients are happy to accept existing services. It is good practice to have a basic service that can be customized according to the Tenant's needs later.

    • There are pros and cons to consider. Transferring all utilities and services to Tenant is convenient and makes the cost of living easy to understand. The downside is the time you need to spend visiting every utility sales point. There is also a potential risk to revert the contract back to you or the next Tenant later. Keeping utilities and services under the property Owner requires extra time to collect fees from Tenant and maintain balance sheets but does not require administrative change with every new Tenant.

    • Interesting question. Offering such services is a good idea. Reliable cleaning lady and maintainer who are familiar with your property would be reasonable choice number one. Some Tenants may already have cleaning services of their preference.

    • Super-accurate rental price and acceptable lease and property conditions are the two most considered factors. If you can fit your expectations within reasonable market standards, you may gain a new Tenant within a week or two.

    • Yes, we recommend installing air-conditioning. It is a long-term investment, and it helps to rank your property to better standards. Apparently, it will rent out faster. If you decide to do so, it is always good to install air-conditioning equipment during the period when your property is unoccupied.

    • Property maintenance is a complex task, and it is a good idea if you work with your verified professionals. In certain circumstances, the Landlord can agree Tenant will take care but make sure all conditions are clear and amended to the Rental Agreement. Anyway, we strongly suggest to use the maintainer of your preference and transfer the costs of such services to Tenants.

    • As a general rule, Tenants can expect to pay a commission equal to the total amount of 1-month lease (calculated without utilities). A long-term Rental Agreement is considered for a minimum of 12 consecutive months while short-term Rental Agreement can last temporary, for example, 3 or 6 months in a row.

      Commission above short-term Rental Agreement is based on cumulative rent totals (sum of the rent from day one until the absolute end). In most common cases, it is 15%.

    • A lease contract, or better known as long-term Rental Agreement, generally lasts for a minimum of 12 continuous months. If this is beyond your horizon, you may consider applying for the short-term Rental Agreement that will last at least for three months. Please bear in mind some properties may be dedicated to long-term lease only.

    • It depends. The property Landlord can consider the current estate market situation and take the individual decision on the go. The required minimum for short-term rental is three months in a row. Please speak to our Expat experts Agent, and we will try to find the best fit for you.

    • To afford the rent in Bratislava, you will need to have some budget available. You will be required to pay a Security Deposit, Agent Fee and Commission, and the rent for the first month.
      The Security Deposit is usually as much as 1 or 2 months of rent and utilities altogether. Agency commission is typically equal to the total amount of 1-month rent (calculated without utilities). The first payment is usually due prior to the respective month.
      To make things happen, you will need at least three times more money than the monthly rent amount advertised.

    • The structure of the Security Deposit can differ from case to case. In general, we are talking about damage, excessive use of property or utilities, late fees, breach, or law enforcement compensation eventuality. Typical deposit levels are equivalent up to 2 months of lease totals. Higher deposits can be expected on luxury or costlier standard properties or when accepting pets.
      The Security Deposit is due prior to the date you move in. It will be in the hold (conditional possession) of the Landlord or property manager during the whole lease period. At the end of the lease, Landlords have to either return security deposits or identify reasons for keeping it. A Security Deposit is a kind of insurance for Landlords, as it protects against a violation of the Rental Agreement by the Tenant. Reasons for keeping the deposits are, for example (but not limited to): sanction for early termination, unpaid bills, damage, etc.
      The Security Deposit balance does not count towards recurring rent and fees. Any fraction of the deposit used during the contract must be topped up immediately.

    • The Tenant can apply for early termination. In most common cases, early termination fees will occur. The amount usually equals to the value of 1-month rent and fees. The Landlord can request an extra payment or charge against the remaining Security Deposit. It is common practice early termination fees and conditions are written part of the Rental Agreement.

    • In most cases, yes. While receiving mail is as simple as adding a name on the mailbox, residential registration requires the owner's permission for each person. You will remain fully liable for your address change if you move out.

    • A variety of "pet-friendly" rentals are available most of the time. Look for a "pet-friendly" tag in our online offer or talk to Expat experts Agent about your pet needs. At the end of the rental, a professional cleaning service must be provided at the Tenant's expense. In most cases, the Security Deposit is affected only mildly. Please read more in "What is the purpose of the Security Deposit?"

    • Fast Internet and cable TV service may already be installed and included. Please see details of the posted rental offer or talk to Expat experts Agent to check on service availability. There may be many options available, and Tenants can sign-up directly under their name. Some providers may allow migrating ("carry-on") your existing services to a new location.
      National TV Licence is compulsory, and in a most common situation, it is connected to your utility bills.

    • There is no particular restriction on short visits. Friends or family members who are coming to stay for a couple of days are OK. Such visitors are not required to register with the Landlord.
      On the other hand, all permanent room-mates must be accepted by Landlord in advance. According to the number of persons inhabiting the property utility fees schedule can be affected.

    • Based on "first come - first serve" we suggest to pay Reservation Fee as soon as your mind is ready and you are comfortable with your decision. The Reservation Fee will count towards your further liabilities. Unless you abandon the reservation, Expat experts will lock the offer and start the Rental Agreement administration process.

    • Yes, it is. Agent Fees and Commissions will apply on every part of the Rental Agreement regardless if dedicated parking is included or at extra cost. Please read more in "How the Agent Fee and Commission work?"

    • Expat expert Agents are experienced professionals who are following market flow on an everyday basis. The Agent will be ready to consult an accurate price band and suggest an initial listing price and eventually plan B for price cut later.

      Meanwhile, you can do your scouting, settle your mind, and calculate your estimate. To do so, try to:

      • Evaluate seasonality, property inventory, and current market demand. Be realistic.
      • Review comparables of recently listed and/or sold homes in your neighborhood.
      • Look after the market for several months in advance and make your move at the right timing.
    • We are not obsessed with exclusivity, and we never lock your property while in our listings. It is the quality of our service that needs to impress the property Seller, so they won't need to think about other agencies. We will appreciate it so much!

    • It goes at the Seller's expense. The Agent Fees and Commission is calculated from the final selling price. It can be a settled percentage or a flat-rate fee, and it is set in the Selling Agent Agreement before the listing goes public. Fees and Commission are tax-deductible, and you will get the Invoice.

    • By law, we are required to list the final price, no hidden fees. It makes it easy for a Buyer to understand the transaction. The Selling Agent Agreement will clearly explain Agent Fees and Commissions. Please speak to Expat expert Agent if you need to explain selling price, fees, and Commission deduction as well as your final net gain.

    • Peace on mind for Seller, no need to run shows. Expat expert Agent will study all necessary details and documents about the property and schedule a professional walk through show for prospective Buyers.
      Vacant properties are scheduled for walks through independently any time of the day, evenings and weekends included. Schedule for an inhabited property is planned accordingly in cooperation with the property Seller and with respect to current residents.

    • Certified Expert Opinion is a great tool to declare independent professional viewpoints and price reasoning. Anyhow even the best certified expert does not necessarily match the real market value at a given time. It may be helpful if the Buyer wants to finance the purchase by bank loan (mortgage), but some financial houses will prefer their own Certified Expert Opinion.

    • Good question! It depends on the property condition and intentional use.

      If you sell a property that is new or in good shape (not requiring major remodeling), it is a really good idea to fix issues and make it look nice, fresh, and attractive. For houses, it is essential to maintain the garden and surrounding area as the first look strikes the first impression. Long story short, often it is cheaper to invest in repairs than to offer a discount.

      If you sell property in a condition requiring significant repairs and remodeling, it is better to sell as-is.

      Either way you go, detailed condition description and list of defects need to be enclosed with Selling Contract.

    • Professional pictures and virtual tours of the property must be visually accurate, and corresponding to reality, the same reality prospective Buyers will experience during their walk through. Decorating interior or exterior with exotic items may be attractive in other types of the industry. Still, in the real estate world, we prefer to stick with an actual and realistic look. Here are some basics that keep photo shooting simple yet great looking:
      Property needs to be clean and tidy, pointing out the interior floor space and exterior area. The kitchen countertop needs to be cleaned, sink without dishes, dining table free from any items. Remove all personal and hygiene products from the bathroom, empty shelves, remove towels, hide all cosmetics. Any private pictures or religious symbols should be removed from the interiors. We prefer neutral sheet covers over the bedding. Sofas, armchairs, and seats should be without blankets and protective coatings.
      Pay attention to interior and exterior lights, replace bulbs if necessary. Show natural light as much as you can - open blinds, roll up curtains, clean windows. The exterior and surrounding area should be nicely maintained, mow the lawn, care for the garden, fill up and clean the swimming pool.
      Expat expert professional photographer takes entire photo shooting and virtual touring. We use dedicated wide-angle lenses and high definition cameras. For virtual tours, we use a 360-degree special camera and Matterport software platform for creating sophisticated 3D imagery. All pictures are oriented horizontally (panorama) as this is the industry standard and works best with listings across all platforms and advertising channels.
      Expat expert Agent will arrange a photo shooting date and confirm with Seller. For the most impressive and representative result and concerning the best natural light conditions and weather forecast, we will determine and suggest a preferred time window.

    • The meaning of "original condition" can be forked into two principal directions. One direction is valuable vintage or historical heritage, also known as "legacy property," often protected by historic governmental society. Another and most common ones are "just old" properties. Let's have a closer look at homes that are just old.

      Property in the original condition is likely a complex project for remodeling. In such a situation, any patching is probably a waste of time and money because Buyers usually take all from scratch. The best way how to boost the selling price of such property is to empty the property. Remove old useless furniture and concerning conditions try to keep essential utilities in working order (basic lights, running water, flushing toilet, dry, mold-free, non-freezing temperature of the building). There is no need to remove the bathroom, shower, bathtub, toilet, kitchen stove, and kitchenette. If the property includes garden remove bush and weed.

    • If you do not want to issue an early leave notice, we have good news for you! Many investors on the market are looking for lease ready properties. Furnished property with actual rental contracted to reliable Tenants may be interesting for Buyers as it will match their business plan. In one move, Seller can transfer the property and the Rental Agreement along.

    • Walks through are essential for the success of the selling operation. The Seller needs to cooperate and avoid any bumps or failures that may discourage Buyers. It will be necessary to schedule suitable windows for walks through and ensure access to every part of the property. Please describe the situation to Expat expert Agent, who will try to fill the calendar according to property availability.

    • There is high demand all year round. It is slow-moving during the summer holidays (July and August). Decrease of website traffic and low search volume during summer break will restore to it's ordinary in September - October. In overall, houses are selling better at springtime, it is not always a golden rule. Still, many people are following their New Year resolution.
      There is a second wave for families planning to move before the new school year starts (September). Their active search period is usually around May or Jun. This is also a good time to list your property ahead of the summer holidays.
      Lowering the price during summer break does not necessarily bring a bunch of new requests. If Seller wants to shoot for price testing best and most realistic market reaction will come at high season.

    • Another great service from Expat expert at no extra charge. You can sit down and relax. Our professional photographers will take stunning pictures and 360 panoramas with specialized wide-angle lenses, 360-degree cameras, and Matterport software platform for virtual tours. This professional service is always covered by the Agency.

    • Balcony, sundeck, or loggia in multi-flat condos is most likely excluded from the total area as this is technically and by law assigned as part of the common building facade. On the other hand, it is common that the area of dedicated storage unit is included in home totals. Such information is always clear after reading the official ownership document.

    • If we are talking about selling flat and garage, the price for the garage should be extra.

    • The current market situation favors selling quickly, but searching for a new opportunity usually takes longer. In case you have no other place to live temporarily, we suggest searching for a new property prior you sell your old one.

    • If all looks and works well with no need to replace or remodel Buyer may appreciate ready-to-move conditions. On the other hand, expensive furniture such as chairs or tables is usually a burden.

    • It depends on the property type and the scale of the issue. It is always better to fix small bugs, but in certain circumstances, it is reasonable to point that out and offer a discount. For example, broken tiles on the sun deck can be challenging to replace in the winter condition, so provide a discount.

    • To be able to lift the lien seller needs to clear his balance on an unpaid fraction of the mortgage debt. It is an easy and regular process, and all is covered from Buyer's funds.

    • Apply with your financial institution as soon as your Buyer confirms funds availability.

    • For transparency and neutrality purposes, Reservation Deposits will be kept by a public notary in their treasury. Notary will record and write official documents describing all conditions and duties, what will happen to Deposit, and when. Once the ownership transfer is confirmed and all requirements are met, Reservation Deposit will be released. The first part of the Deposit will cover Agent Fees and Commissions, the rest of the Deposit will be transferred to Seller's account or if applicable to Seller's mortgage bank.

    • Let us know up-front. Such information is always part of the listing description. Some Buyers can understand your situation and can be open to arranging conditions for releasing the property later.

    • While it may sound a little embarrassing for Seller, it all has a reason, and legal order needs to be followed. If the Buyer is financing the property purchase from a bank, the financial institution must seal the ownership document to protect the loan. The following step is to release the money and proceed with ownership transfer. Cadastral office processes all applications in order as they were received. Lien seal application is a separate and independent move. To secure the process, lien seal application must be processed first. Technically the official owner at a given time is still the Seller, so this implies the reason why Seller is involved.

    • Unless the Buyer needs a mortgage seller does not need to be present with transactions. We suggest issuing a Specific Power of Attorney where Seller will delegate his rights and duties to particular actions and transactions.
      A Power of Attorney is valid for Pre-contract and Contract. Unfortunately, it can not be used in the case of bank lien (Buyer's mortgage). Documents for banks can be signed in person only. If Seller plans to be abroad, a legalized signature can be arranged on Slovak Embassy worldwide or in front of a public notary with an apostille attached.
      If you own eID with a certified digital signature, you may be able to sign digitally without showing in person.

    • Property sales profit for property owned more than five years is tax-exempt. If Seller owns the property for less than five years positive difference between the purchase price and sales price is subject to tax.

      If you invest in property, all bills related to such investment could be deducted from profit. Your taxable amount will be decreased. If your bills are missing or unreadable, you can legally optimize taxable gain by splitting the total purchase price into Property Sale Contract and Equipment and Appliances Sale Contract.

      Equipment and Appliances Sale Contract does not count towards your property sale profit. If the Buyer needs a mortgage, only a Property Sale Contract can be covered by the mortgage.

    • We are doing our best to offer a flexible schedule for walks through. Daytime visits are popular in preference as a prospective Buyer can see the property and surrounding area in daylight condition, including week and weekend days. If the Buyer desires evening walk through can be scheduled as well.

    • Yes, it is. You are welcome to take pictures on your camera or smartphone.

    • There are legal and privacy concerns about drones. This industry is getting under licensing. Please avoid any issues or conflicts. We suggest consulting this activity with the property owner and consider the privacy rights of affected neighbors.

    • To be straightforward, the golden rule is "first come - first serve." Translated to real-life, a Buyer who will pay a deposit and sign the Reservation as first is in the game. From that moment on, every other Buyer is put on hold, upcoming walks through are canceled, and listing is labeled as reserved. It is difficult to predict when this will happen, and there is no average. Some experienced buyers know what they want precisely and can confirm Reservation within minutes, some need to take time for the final decision.

    • In most cases, it is the Seller's duty, and Fees and Commissions are already included. Sometimes it can be Buyer's duty, especially if the listing is contracted to multiple real estate agencies. Seller wants to list net price without commissions.
      A different situation is on the Austrian real estate market. Fees and commissions are not included in list price, and it is Buyer's duty. Austrian financial institutions will accept agent fees, commissions, notary fees, and cadaster fees ("Nebenkosten") as part of the total investment value covered by their mortgage.

    • We are sorry, it is not possible to visit the property that is already reserved. All consequently scheduled visits are canceled, and property listing is put on hold with a "reserved" tag. There is a tiny percentage of reservations that will reopen.

    • Any serious search should start with "money in the pocket." It is the Buyer's profile a bank will determine for the loan amount, not the property value. Make an appointment with your bank mortgage specialist and apply for your loan score. According to your financial standing, the bank will calculate the maximum amount for your mortgage coverage and issue a mortgage guarantee. With a bank mortgage guarantee, you can operate for several weeks or months until it expires.

      In case you go the other way around, you may be at risk of paying the deposit and losing money if your banker will not cover your desire.

    • Sure! If you are new to the market, we will be more than happy to suggest some of the best mortgage consultants experts for real estate loans in Slovakia or Austria. You may want to get in touch with a preferred bank specialist or an independent mortgage broker who can guide you through a variable multibank portfolio on a single table.

    • Oh, we are sorry to hear this. Unfortunately, there is no return, and you are losing all of your Reservation Fees. You need to understand the Seller's side too. The property listing was suspended, and any other prospective buyers have been told "no." It all has to start over again, and it certainly cost time and money. Please make up your mind responsibly and proceed to Reservation only when you are ready to move on.

    • Because this is the requirement from Buyer's mortgage provider, it is also the Buyer's duty. Some financial institutions will work only with specific expert opinion specialists, and they will charge a fee from Buyer directly.

    • In general, the Buyer is purchasing the property "as is." There is no warranty unless:
      • If Seller conceal material circumstances, you can rely on compensation,
      • If appliances, furniture or technology purchased together with property is under the vendor's warranty, you can request Seller to provide all warranty documents,
      • If the building itself is new, there is a three-year warranty for newly built constructions. You can ask Seller to provide all warranty documents.

    • If the listed property is furnished, it is sold "as is." Any requests for discounts or for removing the furniture will make your bid less attractive. Homes in habitable conditions are wanted, and there are many buyers to compete.

      There is an exception for property in the original condition in needs to be renovated and remodeled. Such property is valuable when sold empty.

    • Repairs or any changes to the property condition that are required by the Buyer will be written in pre-contract.

    • Since there are legal limits to real cash payment, saying "I pay in cash" means I have money for immediate bank transfer. All amounts exceeding the legal cash limit must be transferred from bank to bank.
      For the Buyer's protection, the purchase price will be put in public notary deposit or bank blockage of payment. The amount will be released from deposit/blockage after a successful change of ownership.

    • Depending on Buyer's financial standing bank may require higher value for lien than is the purchased property. In such a case, the Buyer may add another his property for the lien. The process involves some more administration, mostly on the Buyer's side. First of all, financing bank will require a Certified Expert Opinion. Then both properties must successfully pass into cadastral lien seal of record. After this mortgage provider releases funds, a property sale contract can be signed. The ownership change process can be launched.

    • The answer to this question is in the Pre-contract and later in the Property Sales Contract. It is common practice to hand the property to Buyer after all financial transactions are settled to final recipient accounts. In other words, while the money is on hold, the property key is held with Seller.

    • Expat expert Agent will prepare an acceptance certificate (Move-in Inspection). The purpose of the acceptance certificate is to record date, time, the act of handing the property from Seller to Buyer, and record all metered utility and services consumption at the point of handing the property. Switching the utilities can be initiated after handing the property with a new ownership document in hand.